Тест английского языка онлайн

Сдай тест по английскому языку

(выбери один из трех вариантов ответов)

1. My girlfriend … to the gym every Friday.
2. Kate … very nice.
3. She … like basketball very much.
4. How … does the T-shirt cost?
5. There … a big supermarket next to my house.
6. Mike can’t … football. He’s broken his leg.
7. … some more coffee?
8. Last week we … to London.
9. I … the film we saw at the cinema on Friday.
10. Kate … in the USA for her holiday last year.
11. My mother … never been to a baseball match.
12. Lisa … her keys.
13. … ever seen a famous person?
14. If I were rich, I … travel round the world.
15. He … be able to pass his exam if he studies hard.
16. I wish I … play in a rock band.
17. When Nick arrived at the station, Ann …
18. If I … on holiday to Prague, I wouldn’t have met Joh
19. By the time you get this letter I …
20. What are you doing tonight? I’m not sure, I … to the cinema.
21. He forgot … the lights before he left.
22. It’s no use … to her. She doesn’t listen.
23. Jim was offered the job … having poor qualifications.
24. Eric’s father ordered him … out late again.
25. If only I … to the club instead of staying at home.
26. He eventually managed … the door by kicking it hard.
27. There’s no point … staying up all night if your exam is tomorrow.
28. Rarely … meat.
29. Not only … to New York, but also visited many other places in America.
30. Now remember, you … the test until the teacher tells you to.